Ios Greece, a little unassuming patch of rock in the Aegean Sea surrounded by its more famous neighbours, keeps people coming back year after year. I can’t put my finger on it but 1 trip here never seems to be enough (i myself am in my 8th year), maybe it’s the food, maybe the party, most likely however it’s the connections you make with the people.

The island Ios Greece is small thus the mentality is community based, expect to get waved at, smiled too and asked where you are from. Liken the experience to being welcomed into a family bbq, except on an island scale. It’s this sharing/group mentality that has been around since the 70’s when Ios transformed from a farming island into a hippy, free-loving stronghold.

The times may have changed but the ideals of freedom, life and love still linger in whitewashed streets. It’s these streets and beaches where you can be truely free, forgetting personal struggles and connect with other life-seekers. Ios welcomes you, no matter how many times you return.

Ios, Greece, an island filled with beautiful beaches, dramatic views and some of the best partying in the world.

On arrival to Ios’ port, you will be enthralled by the distinctive landscapes and astonishing blue water. From May to October Ios Greece comes alive at all hours of the day. Beginning in the daytime with Far Out Beach Club and continuing into the early hours of the morning with an assortment of quirky bars. These venues literally have everything! From silent discos (Shush) to ball pit bars (Delta House).

In addition to the partying scene, the Island has so much more to offer! You can discover some of the islands more secluded sandy beaches such as Manganari in the south and Agia Theodoti in the islands east. For the adventure enthusiast, you can hike the hidden trails to the Island’s hilltop monasteries. To escape the crowds, ATV Quad biking around the island is highly recommended. You can find the best cliff jumps, clearest blue waters or even run wild into the countryside of goat farms.

When it comes to a European holiday, it’s non-negotiable that you can’t miss Ios, Greece – BOOK NOW WITH IOS SAILED TRAVEL