The easiest answer is, not much! going to Ios in high season (may/september) the weather is always amazing! The main items you will need are the ones to swim in and a towel to go with it. The nightlife isn’t posh and glamorous when it comes to fashion. A pair of shorts and a singlet you win from a 7 shot challenge are usually the common worn outfits.

Don’t forget the festival ware – @faroutbeachclub throws daily party’s. This Is your chance to showcase your newest collection. We always recommend bringing one set of your Sunday bests. This is perfect for the trip out to @pathos_sunset_bar or for the gram shots. in the lower shoulder of high season (may and September) it can get a little cool at night, so you should bring something long sleeve to keep the wind off you.

BRING THE CAMERAS – you won’t find much clearer water in the world so make sure you come ready for all the perfect snaps!

A GOOD PAIR OF SHOES – the two best ways to see Ios are by foot (hiking) and by scooter or quad. We would strongly recommend enclosed shoes for both of them!

MOST IMPORTANTLY – Pack a good attitude, this isn’t Mykonos. Ios is a small community of some of the most friendly people in the world. Make sure you chat to the locals, resect the island, keep it clean and have a good time. The more you give the island, the more It will give you, trust me!